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My name is Cait, I'm a western tropical astrologer with ten years of experience interpreting birth charts and practicing tarot 🖤



15-Minute Tarot Reading


This option includes a brief, Ten-Card “Celtic Cross” spread interpretation. This “Mini-Reading” touches upon your past, present, and possible future. After the initial 10-card spread interpretation, there will also be five minutes at the end for several questions. This shorter session can also be utilized as a “follow-up,” for specific questions from a previous consultation.

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30-Minute Tarot Reading


This consultation of 24 cards delves into the past, present, and possible future, with 5 minutes for questions at the end. If you prefer, we can also do a shorter “Mini-Reading,” providing a 15-minute reading and 15 minutes for specific question & answer time.

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Fall 2022 Courses


Tarot & Spirituality: Reading for Emotional Clarity

Thursday October 10th, 2022, 6:30pm

I'll be teaching an introduction to tarot card reading. We'll cover the Raider-Waite Deck's basic archetypes, philosophies of divination and methods for developing your own intuitive practice.

Book for each event at $10/8 for members, or get a pass for all three workshops at $18/$15 for members.

See you at Voekler Orth Museum

Online Course


11/2/22 - 12/12/22

Drawn to mysticism, but don’t know where to begin? Astrology apps no longer scratching the itch? This class is for you! By introducing the history, philosophy, structure, and techniques of various spheres of practice— from western astrology to the I-Ching to dream interpretation — Divination offers an in-depth exploration of mystic matters in a seminar-style format. By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct your own readings, and understand + perform the art of oracle consultation with nuance. In the process, you will also learn to recognize, hone, and trust your intuition: a souvenir of a lifetime. Co-taught with Jillian Marshall.

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Other Inquiries

Reach out via email at ctlnrd@gmail.com